The Footage Company is, as the name would suggest, all about footage: a one-stop portal for footage spanning the last century and beyond. From nitrate to 6K and historical events to bloopers and animal behaviour. Your story, our vision!
Our mission is to offer creative professionals a gateway to unique, high quality video from the foremost global contributors. Our footage partners offer you the the rare, remarkable and raw reality: from 35mm & 16mm nitrate film that we can restore to high resolution digital, to recently captured 4k and 6k.
With the highest calibre video content derived from Australia and across the globe, The Footage Company has accumulated a vast and diverse collection, with Australian news footage dating back to the 1950s, Global footage from the 1890's, and extensive film coverage on current events in Australia and internationally. 
We are currently collaborating with some of the world's leading content creators, specialising in the captivating fields of the natural world and wildlife, travel & scenics, aerial drone footage, viral videos, fails and more.
Our footage partners include; Associated Press (AP Archive), British Movietone, Nine Network Australia - News, Current Affairs, Sport & Entertainment and Content Mint.
With over 40 years of experience, our dynamic team is knowledgeable about intellectual property and understand complex rights issues. We have specialists in wildlife behaviour history, a current affairs and news. 
If the footage you are after is not on our portal, we dig deep into our offline collection and collect knowledge to help you with your search.
We are dedicated to providing you with the best sourced footage content for your next project. 

Please get in touch with us via email or phone, details below.
TEL: +61 2 8001 6628

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