The Footage Company now offers film restoration and digitisation services. Our goal is to help organisations and individuals with 16mm, Super 16 or 35mm film preserve, repurpose and monetise their archive.

We specialise in repairing splices, film cleaning and scanning to either 2k or 4k and output to any digital format that you require.

Our Scanner is able to offer real time HDR scanning of 35mm and 16mm film up to 30fps in Ultra HD resolution. The Cintel Scanner is perfect for creating digital film files you can use in post production or for unlocking vast film libraries and converting them to Ultra HD masters for streaming and online distribution.

Our pricing is simple and cost effective and we aim to provide an exceptional level of service throughout. If you have some film, old or new and would like to discuss our digitisation and scanning services, please get in touch -

Please enjoy this clip which has been lovingly restored and scanned from some old 16mm film saved by TFC.

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