CCTV Video News Agency (CCTV+) is China’s first video news agency and was established in December 2010. We are committed to delivering high-quality, client-driven content, presenting various news stories from China and rest of the world. Stories cover a broad range of topics including politics, finance, society, humanity, nature and science.

We have a huge database of video material, which includes more than 270,000 multilingual news stories. We provide high quality, reliable historical material for news background reporters, as well as TV and film productions to help users quickly locate and retrieve their required content.

To search the amazing content please visit, then get in touch with us to talk about pricing.

The CCTV+ collection is available to all TFC customers based in Australia and New Zealand.

Please enjoy this showreel that highlights just a small sample of the content on offer from CCTV+.

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